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just stop.

I can't....


 credits to purepazaak on the tumlbr machine.

oh Connor..

I have so many feels for you..
I just want to take you home and hold you forevarrrrr.
I will strangle any motherfucker who tries to put their hands on you.


I'm back! kind of.....

oh hey Tora ;D


shimejis are so dope.

so many assassins...KILL THEM ALL CONNOR!
fucking malik..just cos you didn't get as much screen time as altair doesn't mean you can flood my desktop man! and poor ezio disappeared. bored as fuck ya'll.

omg this makes me LOL so hard!
I didn't know they had sunglasses during the third crusade. very interesting indeed.

why don't I have any amegold!?!

omg this is too cute!
hey guys hows it going ;D

its out their gaiz. I'm just a big baby.

sadnando is sad.

stfu man.

like sometimes I want to shoot myself for being such a good friend. le sigh. 


so I was working the internets on the google machine and came a cross this picture. It cracks me up bro. LOOK AT BATMANS FACE! ROFLMAO.

I'm so proud of myself!!